My story

I was born in Belarus, a small country that is almost entirely flat – its highest hill is only 345 meters above the sea level. I’ve never been on that hill, it’s not in my native region. That’s how I spent 21 years of my life watching at sunsets over a perfectly plain horizon line.

I was 27 when I found out about hiking. I’d been living in Italy for six years by that time, and still had no idea that mountains were made not only for skiing, alpinism and extreme expeditions. Mountains revealed themselves to be something different, less hostile and distant from common people – they can be explored on foot.

Today I’m 31, a lot of things have changed in my life so far, but my mountains have always been there: to support me, to challenge me and to indicate me the right route to take.

To sum up, hi there, I’m Elena, a business strategist by day, a humble drummer by night and a part-time hiker on the weekends. Welcome to my cozy world!